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Bye Bye Comcast – Roku Ultra 4660 works great!

FINALLY Dumped Comcast Illinois – Bought a ROKU Ultra!

Comcast (Illinois)had finally made it to charging over $300. a month for Internet, 2 landline phone #’s, 2 HD boxes, and 2 standard cable TV boxes.
The Triple Play package was great at first. Pretty sure it was like $99. a month. Eventually, Comcast just became a money sucker and nothing but commercials after commercials after more commercial. I have no complaints about their Internet service. It was always great and still is. That’s why I still have it. However, I wanted to ditch Comcast phone and TV no matter what it took. So here’s what I did.

I watched youtube videos about how to cut the cord.
I researched new products to fill the Comcast void.
Pulled out all CAT5e wire including old telephone wire using the RJ11 standard. JUNK!
I upgraded “ALL” network cable in my residence to CAT6.

Since buying a ROKU(s), my monthly bill has gone down.
The TV experience is better just knowing it’s not completely Comcast.
Less commercials (however, still too many AT&T)

$130. Comcast Internet w/unlimited data ($80. + $50)
$65 AT&T TV Now
Free Google phone using ObiTalk.
2 ROKU Ultra 4660X2
1 ROKU USB WiFi Stick
Motorola MB8600 Cable Modem
Netgear 1750 R6700v3

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